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My primary aim at the moment is to try and help anyone interested in the Post Racing Clover Club to be able to get involved.

It is also in our interests to get as many of our current and past Post Racing members on board and with that in mind there are a number of options that hopefully will help.

These are mainly covered in the following question and answer section.

We have introduced several options, one of which provides Life Membership of the Post Racing Clover Club.

Life membership

If you are happy to make a one-off subscription payment of £1000 you will never pay another penny to Post Racing.

Monthly options

You have four options.

  1. 21 x £51
  2. 31 x £34
  3. 41 x £26
  4. 51 x £21

By selecting a monthly option you do not become a Life Member but, what will happen is when the next four year term begins, your subscription fee will be reduced by 50% and, at the end of the second four year period, you will have achieved Life Membership and never pay another penny to be a part of something that will, at that time, be extraordinary.

These options can be accessed by clicking HERE.


  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Apple Pay
  • Cheque
  • BACS

The Post Racing banking details are:

PAYEE: Post Racing
SORT CODE: 09-01-29

Please send cheques made out to Post Racing to:

CH45 9JW

Please include your e-mail address for confirmation of receipt.

As many as you wish!

Any syndicated horses owned by the Post Racing Clover Club will be sold. All prize money won and dividends from the sale of those horses will be added together and divided by the total number of Post Racing’s Clover Club shares.

If we were lucky enough to have purchased a Derby Winner (let’s keep that dream alive), then we could be looking at prize money close to £1 million pounds.

Not a problem. Simply retain your current membership package. You will, if you choose, be able to have your own league within the Fantasy Horse Racing Game to play for some outstanding prizes and continue to receive exactly what you receive now by way of information and advice on punting.

By October 2021 we would expect the 1000 Post Racing Clover Club shares sold to have been sold and, with your help, it will be accomplished. By working together, we can make all the above happen. I have already started the wheels moving on this.

Are you up for it?

If you require any further information or explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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