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The Clover Club is simply about providing those with a passion for this wonderful sport, the best of all worlds.

If you enjoy the thrill of going racing as an owner, we will take you there, if the excitement of a winning bet is what you are looking for, we can provide that, too. If, like me, you want both of those plus an opportunity to give something back to the people and horses involved in horse racing, then you have arrived at the right place.

We are official fundraisers for The Bob Champion Cancer Trust and Greatwood caring for retired racehorses and Special Needs children.

In addition, we support two of the charities that care for those in racing that make it all possible, the jockeys and the stable staff.

Both Racing Welfare and The Injured Jockeys fund benefit from the subscriptions we receive from our members.

Please read the Club Benefits page to find out more about what we will provide for you, in return for your subscription fees.

Founder: Ron Robinson

Post Racing’s Clover Club

…….and I am sure that those who sign up for the Post Racing Clover Club will be in “clover”!
I enjoy everything about Post Racing. My members, other people I meet, the charity work and of course trying to make money from my love of horse racing.

hope that is what comes across to you and I appreciate those people who have already put faith in what I do and subscribed to this. I love everything associated with Post Racing and hopefully on many occasions bring good luck to all those associated with it.

Four words in that paragraph stand out to me: Hope, Faith, Love and Luck.

If you Google the meaning of the number 4, you will find a section on the four leaf clover and, symbolically, each of the leaves represents one of those words.

Post Racing’s Clover Club will symbolise everything about Post Racing.


One thing I have promised my wife, Karen, is that I’ll not try to do everything myself. I will most certainly be looking for people to work on Fantasy Horse Racing.

It is anticipated that due to the complexity of the build and the level of input and support required, Connect will be contracted to maintain, upgrade and host the Fantasy Horse Racing game. They will also train up those required to work with the dashboard of the Fantasy Horse Racing website.

I will have someone on board that can take care of any in-house IT issues and I will also be looking to introduce contributors to the website. Their contributions may not essentially be about tipping but simply interesting things for us to read.

My job

Same as it’s always been. To ensure that you continue enjoying being involved with Post Racing and to do my utmost to make sure you get the best information daily that will enable you to cover your subscription fees, and more.

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